Maze 14

An actual maze game has been developed using javascript. It is extremely basic. It is played at the website on the maze 14 page. If you are using a regular computer, or have a keyboard attached to your tablet, you can use the arrow keys to move the mouse. Otherwise, use your finger or stylus to move the little rodent. Moving is easier if you tap, slide your finger in the direction you want to move, and hold. Collide with the cheese to accomplish the goal.

Mazecheese Maze 14

Maze 14 – an interactive maze game at

The challenge was to develop walls for the mouse to collide with. Essentially the wall is just a skinny rectangle with 4 sides that the mouse interacts with. The mouse has to bounce off the sides in order for the game to work.

As more javascript is learned, these maze games will get better and more involved.

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